Attorneys – Join the Justice Brigade! Be a part of the solution to the substantial justice gap in middle Georgia. Georgia Bar Rule 6.1 provides guidance on the expectations of attorneys in Georgia for providing pro bono assistance to the underprivileged members of our community. You have something to offer! It only takes a few minutes to apply. We will provide you with an orientation and then place you on our list for the referral of patrons to you for handling on a pro bono or reduced-fee basis. We screen our patrons for financial eligibility. We will gather documents and records before the referral and will be available after the referral if you need us. We provide malpractice insurance which is secondary to your coverage or if you have none, then you are covered under our policy. We need you and your community needs you. This will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have as an attorney.

Some ways attorneys can help:

  • Take on a pro bono or reduced-fee case.
  • Provide limited consultation to a patron
  • Provide issue consultations to Middle Georgia Justice staff

Non-Attorney Volunteers (law students, paralegals, interested citizens) – you can also help assist patrons in our Self Help Center and help Middle Georgia Justice staff in processing intake forms and appointments with scheduling that works for you.

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